Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today was a non-MTC day!  We spent the entire day on the Frontrunner--pictured above--which runs from Provo to Ogden.  We rode from Provo to Murray, then hopped on the Trax train, getting off at the Bee Ball Park.  We then had to hike 4 blocks to the Mexican Consulate to be interviews for our visas.  Apparently, Mexico doesn't issue visas without a personal interview.  Hence, it was Tom and I along with 10 energetic young Elders.  It was an adventure!  We didn't return until around 4 pm, making it too late to do anything except go to dinner and crash.  We highly recommend the Frontrunner to anyone in Utah.  It was clean, comfortable, fast, and really quiet.  Riding it was a treat.  Hard to say that about Trax!  The consulate said that they would get our visas finished by Friday.  The Church is sending someone to pick them up.  We have two reports of plans for our flight out--one is Saturday (a little early, we think), and the other is Monday morning (like, around 6 am--which means we are up around 3 am)  Not too happy about that one either.  One way or the other, we WILL be in Mexico City next week!  Hooray! Now I am truly getting nervous about language skills!

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