Friday, August 30, 2013

All finished at the MTC.  Above is  picture of the Schlagers (BS1st Ward), Us and the Winters (KCNorth Ward, Liberty Stake).  We were the group from Missouri, and really enjoyed each other's company.  The Schlagers are going to the Phillipines as MLS and Office Missionaries.  The Winters are going to Texas with President Ames as Office Missionaries.  We FINALLY have visas and airplane tickets to Mexico, and leave on Monday at 7:20 am.  We will arrive in Mexico City around 3 pm.  Finally!  Today was another great day with our wonderful MTC teachers helping us learn to work with Ward Councils and inactive or less active members--always with love and concern.  What a great week this has been.  The role-playing has been exhausting, but we have learned a lot and practiced more.  Tomorrow we are doing laundry (in the MTC laundry room which has to have about 100 washing machines), studying Spanish, then finally (sometime) getting to bed.  Right now we are trying to figure out what to send home and what to take.  We are missing our children and grandchildren--and wish we could admire Walker's missing tooth in person.  We are excited to arrive in Mexico City--and just got an email from Presidente Valadez saying he and his wife would be waiting for us.  The adventure begins. 
I'm posting a picture of ALL this weeks Senior Missionaries so you can see what a great looking bunch of seniors we are!  :)


  1. That is one GREAT looking group of missionaries!! So very inspiring! We love you!!!

  2. Yay, Mexico City! What a great way to spend Labor Day :-) You are going to do such wonderful things for the people there. The inspiring stories you will have to share with your family will help you and them through this time of separation.