Saturday, August 24, 2013

Spent a great last week in Blue Springs, topped by seeing great friends and family members for our open house on Sunday, August 18.  The Open House was Caryn's idea--we were really absorbed in learning Spanish and packing our house up--but with her urging it was really great.  Friends from the Stake, Ward and work came to join us, eat a little guacamole and taquitos, and talk about old times and upcoming adventures.  We enjoyed having a really full house--followed by a trip to the McCarty's to say goodbye to Michael, who will be entering the MTC on Wednesday, August 21.  Had one last tutoring session on Monday, then proceeded to pack, clean, organize, dust and prepare for our trip to Utah.  We arrived in Utah on Thursday, Aug 22nd, and spent some time with Julie (Tom's sister) and Dave, then on to Paddy's apartment to spend a few last evenings with my sister.  On Friday we woke up to a flat tire on our rental car, so we drove back to the airport and exchanged it, arriving late to the Immersion MTC.  Had a great day of practicing and studying Spanish, followed by a visit with Tom's cousin Brent Ashworth and his wife.  Very interesting time talking about family history and past memories of family members.  Saturday has been a day to repack, gather our thoughts, shop for shoes (Joni) and get prepared.  Tomorrow, on the 25th, we will drive to the MTC and check in a day early.  Still no word on Visas--so we don't know when'/if we will be leaving, but we have exchanged some encouraging e-mails with Presidente Valadez and are looking forward to being in Mexico City and finally being able to pitch in and do the work we need to do.  I'm sitting in my sister's apartment now, looking across the street at the Church Office Building and Temple Square, and am thinking how great it is to be a member of the Lord's Kingdom and part of this work.  What a privilege to have Him trust us enough to send us forth to help others.  Hoping for connectivity at the MTC so I can continue there....

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