Sunday, August 18, 2013

Almost time to go!

Guess it is officially time to start a blog on our Mission to Mexico City.  We received our call in May to the Mexico City South Mission, and have been working (hard!) for the last 3 months on language instruction and packing up.  I can now converse (haltingly) in Spanish, but am doing much better.  We are working on grammar, flashcards, and Predicad mi Evangelio!  We spoke in Sacrament Meeting last week, and are having an Open House this evening to say goodbye to friends and family.  We fly to SLC on Thursday, spend Friday doing another immersion day at the MTC, then officially enter the MTC on Monday the 26th of August.  The Missionary Department has told us there is only one other senior couple in Mexico City South--and they live at home.  We're not sure what that means, except that we will probably have to set up an apartment, and that this is an exciting time in Mexico City!  Yes, we are feeling a little nervous--and Yes, we are feeling excited and are ready to go.  Yes, we will miss our children and grandchildren, but are counting on blessings for all of them.

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