Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm sitting looking out across Utah Valley enjoying a beautiful sunset an looking at flight possibilities to Mexico City.  We checked in this morning and received all kinds of information--including the news that we do not yet have a visa.  However, the travel department has talked with the Mexican consulate and they are going to squeeze us in on Wednesday for an interview and issuance of a visa.  Travel Services said this is GOOD news, because it means we WILL get a visa on Wednesday.  We are therefore looking forward to leaving Provo sometime this weekend.  We had a pretty non-stressful day today--most of it spent in orientation and meeting other senior couples.  There are only 22 couples this week--there will be 72 next week! We are blessed to have made many new friends.  We spent a few hours studying this evening, and are now getting ready to turn in.  We start at 8 am tomorrow for Preach My Gospel training.  We are missing family and friends.  We are also enjoying watching the 3500 young missionaries who mill around everywhere.  They have such enthusiasm that it is catching.  They are also very patient, courteous, and just plain nice people.  We are honored to be here with them.  We enjoyed having a Maschger family Skype this afternoon--as well as a quick chat with Kristi.  And we are really enjoying crossing paths with Michael McCarty, who we see every   day.  I can't tell you how great it is to see someone from home!   Until tomorrow....

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  1. We loved chatting with you, as well. We have had a nice long chat with the girls about proper Skype etiquette, so hopefully future chats won't be quite so....energetic! :-) We love you...AND..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!