Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Soggy City!

June 10, 2010

We feel like we are living in Seattle.  In 2 weeks, we have seen the sun only yesterday--and only for a few hours.  The weather forecast is the same every day--rainy, with thundershowers (with REALLY hard rain) in the afternoon and evening.  Temperatures around 72-75 degrees each day.  I find my early years of living in Southern California, Hawaii and Florida have conditioned me to need the sun.  It is depressing to wake up to gray skies and rain every day.  The taxistas tell us they love this season of rain and cool temperatures--guess I'm not on board with rain and the subsequent mold and moss growing everywhere.  This is definitely NOT the Mexico of the movies!  However, there is a whole new crop of flowers growing everywhere, bright colors, beautiful aromas.  Where there isn't grass, there is bright green moss.  It is still a beautiful city with "OOOHs and AAAAHs" around every corner. We took a walk around the "unidad" (apartment complex) last night after the afternoon rains and it was really pleasant.  We found a California Pizza Kitchen and ate there last Friday after work.  The pizza was great--and brought back memories of the trip we took to Boston for the NSTA Convention.  We ate at the CPK at Copley Square--so, good memories!
They are tearing up the hazardous sidewalks on Universidad and replacing them!  Wow!  The sidewalks in Mexico City are awful--mostly because the beautiful trees that shade the streets have roots that need places to grow.  Those places are the sidewalks.  As a result, the sidewalks are broken up, heaved up, missing, or otherwise hazardous.  We had a great chat with a few of our sister missionaries last week about how many ways there are to fall flat on your face (or bum) while walking the sidewalks.  They all had multiple stories to tell about falling flat.  We try always to walk with our heads down and our eyes on the sidewalk, but we still stumble occasionally.  I am SO grateful that Coyoacan is replacing sidewalks!
We had planned to take a trip on Saturday by turibus and see the sights because sun was forecast.  Unfortunately, the forecast is now rain again.  AND, the YM/YW in our ward are going to be going to an old folks home to sing on Saturday--so they need me to accompany them.  Guess we will wait for another time for the turibus.  We did go to Perisur (Big, Upscale shopping mall) on Saturday.  They were having a Midnight Madness sale for 2 days, and it was crazy crowded with people.  We came home without buying anything but a tie for Tom and a hamburger (very good).  I can only compare it to Independence Center on the day after Thanksgiving--CRAZY!
Enough for today.  All is well!

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