Thursday, September 26, 2013

 It has been a long time, but we finally have some pictures, so I will post with them.  The pictures above are our apartment complex with its cobblestone streets, beautiful gardens (all 3 windows belong to our apartment--and looking outside at the gardens is always beautiful!), and our kitchen.  The kitchen is a tight squeeze for two, but they managed to install a washer/dryer combo and refrigerator/freezer combo--so we are happy.  We are working hard on teaching English to the 77 Latino Elders/Sisters in the mission.  In another week, we get another 14 Latino missionaries--so we are trying to get ready for them, too.  We don't have internet or phone service yet, but we can talk with the missionaries through the mission "red" (Spanish for internet).  Reception is iffy, but we can usually get hold of them when we need them.  We are traveling everywhere either by foot or taxi--getting a lot of exercise.  We live in Coyoacan, which is a tourist spot (it is where the Spaniards settled initially when they came to the area to challenge the Aztecs).  There are a lot of beautiful homes (all hidden behind walls), churches, parks and streets.  People are friendly, and speak muy rapido.  We are members of the Pedregal Ward, and I (Joni) am playing piano for Sacrament Meeting--since there was no one in the Ward who could play.  It was a really humbling experience to listen to their voices the first Sunday being raised in familiar hymns--minus organ or even piano.  Their hymnbook is about half the width of ours, and a few of the hymns are different--but I am enjoying being at least a little useful.  It is an interesting Ward, being composed of people who live near the Universities in Coyoacan (there are a lot of Universities in Coyoacan).  We have students, professionals, and a lot of very humble people.  It rains here all the time--but because of that it is very green with beautiful flowers everywhere.  The sidewalks and roads are (often) moss-covered, adding to the beauty of the area.  We are adjusting to the constant 60-70 degree temperatures--as my mother would have said, it is always "sweater weather" in Mexico City.  It is a beautiful city with just about any and everything you could want to find.  Archaeology, History, Architecture, Modern conveniences, Malls (with more expensive merchandise than we have at home), Tiny tiendas, etc.  3 weeks into the mission--and so much more to learn!

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